Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Calling it An Assault Rifle Vs. A Politically Correct Name Such As Sporting Rifle / Carbine

Tactical U - Firearms Training & Self-Defense View on using the word ASSAULT RIFLE in some course titles.

I had a gentleman contact me regarding referring to a Carbine style rifle as an Assault Rifle in some of our course titles. His comment was that by calling these courses ASSAULT RIFLE we were subjecting gun owners to another 2nd amendment attack!

First off, in this climate I agree however, with all due respect to this man we teach a standard. We can call these classes whatever, and the anti-gunners will still keep coming. So sorry if it bothers you, but we get more web visitors, from good people who WANT TO LEARN PROPER TECHNIQUE and when they search the web, the term searched often is ASSAULT RIFLE. I would rather teach them correctly than focus on what could be because of what we call our class.

Only experienced folks would know to search terms such as Carbine, Black Rifle, Sporter etc... So please understand unfortunately some of it is marketing and that is why we have done it. Initially I did protest it, but to see how many more people have found us, we get the opportunity to educate them. The important aspects is what they learn.  We do go over the politics behind what can be expected and tell them they should refer to the rifle as just that..... A rifle.

In summary we teach all of our students to understand that Americas enjoy a right that citizens of many other countries do not- The right to own guns. AND with this right comes responsibility. It is the gun owners responsibility to store, operate and maintain our firearms safely. It is the gun owner's responsibility to ensure that unauthorized and untrained individuals cannot gain access to his or her guns. And it is the gun owner's responsibility to learn and follow all applicable laws that pertain to the purchase, possession and use of guns in his or her jurisdiction. Guns are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves. When people practice responsible gun ownership, guns are safe. But either way they are and will continue to attack our rights. The word ASSAULT is not going to lead us to our failure. It will be the lack of education.

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  2. In most countries carrying the firearms in the public place is illegal. Even if you have the license you cannot take the gun loaded with bullets. Different country has different gun laws so it is recommended that a person must know the rules of using the guns where he is currently living.

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